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Moonlight Hiking Dubrovnik Event 16.7.2019.
110 participants
8 kilometers
3 hours
Srd Hill

Free Moonlight Hiking Dubrovnik

Full moon above Dubrovnik is the most beautiful moon in Croatia!

Hiking at night can be a totally different experience than during the day. Even the most familiar landscapes take on a new look, feel and memory.
To give people the opportunity to experience this “different world” in a safe environment, Hiking Dubrovnik team hosted its first free Moonlight Hiking trip guided by a licensed mountain guides in May 2016. when 17 people showed up to hike the Mountain Srd for about three hours under a full moon. 

We saw that people like the idea of night hikes, and we really wanted to continue with moonlight hikes at different places around Dubrovnik.

Previous Moonlight hikes by Hiking Dubrovnik team:

  • 21.05.2016. Mountain Srd, Dubrovnik - 17 hikers - 8k
  • 20.07.2016. Park Orsula, Dubrovnik - 22 hikers - 7k
  • 10.05.2017. Mountain Srd, Dubrovnik - 65 hikers -8k
  • 07.08.2017. ─ćiro Trail - Konavle - 40 hikers -9k
  • 29.05.2018. Mountain Srd, Dubrovnik - 81 hikers - 8k
  • 16.07.2019. Mountain Srd, Dubrovnik - 110 hikers - 8k

The night sky never looks more brilliant than it does from a path in the mountains!

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and when you see event Moonlight Hiking, join us and explore the beauty of the Dubrovnik area at night under a full moon - FOR FREE!


Moonlight hiking on Srdj Mountain 2016

Moonlight hiking 2017

Moonlight hiking Dubrovnik (July 2016.)

Moonlight Hiking 2017

Moonlight Hiking 2017

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